Shows individual credit card bill by its id. Bill lines are embedded into bill’s JSON as well as bill’s available receipts. To get the list of available receipt asset account or both asset account and credit card should be assigned to the bill.


    "id": 1,
    "date": "2021-06-03",
    "number": "2021-06-1224",
    "user_name": null,
    "state": "processed",
    "asset_account_id": null,
    "credit_card_id": null,
    "credit_cards": null,
    "user_id": null,
    "lines": [
        "id": 12,
        "date": "2021-06-03",
        "amount": "9.02",
        "amount_currency": "EUR",
        "name": "Some Payment *MONTHLY",
        "receipt_id": null,
        "bill_id": 1,
        "exchange_rate": null,
        "taxable_amount": "9.02",
        "taxable_amount_currency": "EUR"
    "receipts": []