Bezala API documentation

API base url:
Accepted content type: application/json

Example GET request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer token" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET

Example POST request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer token" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"account": {"name": "Company Account", "code": "2222", "accountable_type": "AssetAccount"}}'



Resource Description
GET /api/accounts Get accounts list
POST /api/accounts Create account


Resource Description
PUT /api/attachments/:id Rotate image
POST /api/attachments Upload new image
DELETE /api/attachments/:id Delete image


Resource Description
POST /api/auth/token Authenticate user
POST /api/auth/google/token Authenticate user via Google access token
POST /api/auth/microsoft/token Authenticate user via Microsoft access token
POST /api/auth/okta/token Authenticate user via Okta access token

Batch document pdfs

Resource Description
GET /api/batches Get batches pdfs list

Bill lines

Resource Description
POST /api/bills/:bill_id/lines Add new bill line
PUT /api/bills/:bill_id/lines/:id Edit existing bill line
DELETE /api/bills/:bill_id/lines/:id Delete existing bill line


Resource Description
GET /api/bills Show list of credit card bills
GET /api/bills/:id Show individual credit card bills
POST /apibills/:id Update credit card bill
DELETE /api/bills Delete credit card bills
POST /api/bills/import Import credit card bills


Resource Description
GET /api/api/company Get information about current user's company

Cost centers

Resource Description
GET /api/cost_centers Get cost centers list
POST /api/cost_centers Create cost center
PUT /api/cost_centers/:id Update cost center


Resource Description
GET /api/home Get the grouped transactions and other data


Resource Description
GET /api/reports Get reports list

Reward types

Resource Description
GET /api/reward_types Get reward types list


Resource Description
POST /api/rewards Create reward


Resource Description
GET /api/transactions Get the list of receipts
POST /api/transactions Create receipt
PUT /api/transactions/:id/approve Approve Receipt
POST /api/transactions/:id/disapprove Disapprove receipt
POST /api/transactions/:id/approvers Set transaction-specific approval cycle


Resource Description
GET /api/users Get users list
GET /api/users/extended_index Get users' details list
POST /api/users Add new user
PUT /api/users/:id Edit existing user
GET /api/users/:id Get user details by id
DELETE /api/users/:id Delete user from the current company by id
PUT /api/users/:id/change_company/:company_id Change user's current company id